Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Three More Ideas about How to Combine Visual Art and Writing

  • Write what would be in the imaginary speech bubbles coming out of people’s mouths. Would it be different from thought bubbles?
  • Choose one person in the piece and write from his or her perspective--what or whom is he looking at? what does he appear to be saying, thinking or feeling? what is he wearing or doing? What is his or her place in life? This could be a poem, a story, a diary entry...
  • Make or find a 1-inch picture frame, place it on the picture and describe only what can be seen through the frame. You can do this in writing or orally, or both. See if others can place the frame in the right position after describing your part, or reading your list/paragraph. Oooh--for an extra super hard challenge, try a Jackson Pollock painting!

Coming soon: Some poetry about art.

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