Friday, July 12, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Disasters as Writing Prompts

As promised in the last post, I tried out the "let's make snide comments about celebrities and their dresses" idea with Tai. Results are in and they are mixed. I didn't see the kind of voice, humor, and...liveliness that I was hoping for--a lot of his comments were literal and obvious--but hey, he's a beginner, it was fun and I think there's potential for development here.

For your viewing pleasure, I've included some of the pix and commentary in this post; click here to see the whole slide show. We skipped a few that either didn't inspire or that we actually liked. For example:

courtesy of

I love that Tai thought the jacket was just fine. And now without further ado, Tai's commentary on celebrity fashion disasters:

Lucy Liu:
She looks like a rose garden. Photo courtesy of

Lady Gaga:
She looks like a woman canible [sic]. Photo courtesy of

Someone I've never heard of:
She is a pink centaur. Photo courtesy of

Someone else:
She is wearing wallpaper. Photo courtesy of

Justin Bieber: 
A minion in a construction helmet. Photo courtesy of

and Beyonce:
A volcano! Photo courtesy of

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