Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Online resources for teaching writing

A short list of web resources that I've found to be helpful. Please let me know of others!

About homeschool writing education in general. To quote the website, “writing prompts, online tutorials, books, programs, and tutors to help kids with their writing skills.”

A link from the previous page, if you haven't already guessed, specifically for reluctant writers. Lots of ideas about why some kids are reluctant writers, and activities (and links to other activities) designed with those kids in mind. Actually, the whole website is great.
A page from the Northern Nevada Writing Project, it lists cool and unusual prompts designed to engage the visual/spatial right brain for a change. It “celebrates approaches that are serendipitous and random...recklessly creative.” Links to writing-inspiring books, detailed ways to approach and use the prompts, related name it. There's a link on the page for left-brain writing prompts, too. The main website is a treasure trove of other ideas for writing.

He is part of the NNWP (see above) and has so many good ideas. I used his Mr. Stick with Tai to play around with haiku and story ideas. Lots of writer's notebook ideas, which I keep meaning to start using.

Loads of writing prompts and activities; the site seem geared towards adults/teens, but most of the activities and ideas can easily be adapted for kids. A great way to get yourself writing as well.

A list of publications that publish student work, because I know when to outsource the research.

Who knew? There are great teachers and teaching ideas in the UK. It's not writing-specifict, and it's meant for classroom teachers, but there are lots of cool ideas here. For example, check out the one about mindfulness and chocolate.

Both of these links to ideas for nature journals are technically about drawing rather than writing, but I see the nature journal as a great way to hone observational skills, both for writing and for, well, life. Also a good science (ecology, biology, that sort of thing) activity. I'm trying to turn it into a family activity, too.

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