Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reality Check and Writer's Block

Of course, the day after I launched a blog full of wonderful ideas and strategies to help parents of reluctant writers, my own reluctant writer launched a full-scale war against what I thought (and still think) was a great idea: a screenplay of an episode of his favorite show, The Clone Wars. We fought on and off for an hour over it and it has ended up with him not doing one lick of writing.

The problem is not the project. The problem is the problems he's encountering: he has realized that parts of his plot don't make sense--how would one group of bounty hunters know to be on the lookout for another group of bounty hunters if the first group thinks it's operating in total secrecy? Why would the lookout be on a hill where she could see the intruders arrive, when she is supposed to be guarding the entrance of the building? How would she know who they were and what they were up to without sophisticated spy gear that she wouldn't be able to carry with her?

All great problems. Great opportunities for thinking, for brainstorming, for creative solutions. But for my son the perfectionist--perfectionism, by the way, can block creativity--they pose a major obstacle, and now he's stuck as stuck can be. How To Deal With Writer's Block. Great future topic.

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